Guangzhou Sanqingda Synthetic Materials Co., Ltd

Main Business: Conductive glue , Conductive Adhesive , Conductive silicone tube , Conductive silica gel , Silicone rubber tube , Silicone rubber plate , Silica gel tablets , Silica gel pad ,Products conductive silicone rubber etc...

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Guangzhou Sanqingda Synthetic Materials Co., Ltd is located in Guangzhou - the first trade port of China. Our company is a professional manufacturer which development, production, sales mix and conductive silicone rubber products and its ware. The factory has an area of about 2,500 square meters and is modernly built with advanced silicone rubber products manufacturing equipments.The company main products are: Conductive glue, Conductive Adhesive, Conductive silicone tube, Conductive silica gel, Silicone rubber tube, Silicone rubber plate, Silica gel tablets, Silica gel pad,Products conductive silicone rubber etc.. The various colors silicone products of superior performance, satisfying the needs of different customer!We sincerely welcome insight letter calls business negotiations!

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